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Seminar on HEBFPE Accredits Doctoral Programs has been postponed to minimize risk of exposure to Corona Pandemic.

The Higher Education Board for Psychology Education is the accreditation board, which accredits universities disseminating education in various fields of psychology including clinical, behavioral, organizational, child psychology, and combination of these disciplines.

The board also accredits doctoral internships in the aforementioned areas, and in traditional (clinical, counseling, school) or specialty areas of psychology.

HEBFPE approves applications from recognized universities only, which offer apt qualifications in psychology and assess them against the highest standards.

We work for the promotion of excellence and ethical practice in the professional psychology and application of the discipline.

We Strive to:

The Higher Education Board for Psychology Education mission is to review and assess psychology education providers to support the highest standard education and training of psychological clinical scientists. The HEBFP mission is supported by inter-related sub-goals:

  • 01 Be the professional body for the discipline
  • 02 Make education of psychology reachable to all
  • 03 Be the commanding and communal voice of psychology
  • 04 Regulate the highest standards in all we do

Professional Development

HEBFPE accredited universities contribute & get involved with continuous professional development to advice on best practices & support professional growth.


Our accreditation implicates all-inclusive assessment of psychology education providers and their programs of study against pertinent accreditation standards.

Globally Recognized

We assess integrative and trans-disciplinary psychology universities and their relevant programs to accredit them for a global recognition.


HEBFPE assents applications from recognized universities offering apt qualifications in psychology and assess them against the highest standards

Our Mission

The mission of Higher Education Board for Psychology Education is to progress psychology education as per established benchmarks by using the accreditation for those universities that can widely disseminate the best clinical knowledge.

Our Vission

Our vision is to uphold the studies of psychology at augmenting the quality of various programs, accessibility and credibility of informed data, empirically-supported training and safe education in psychological care and relevant fields.