Guidance from I/O Psychologists to implement on how to make sure you feel in control of this disruption

As employers have closed workplaces to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the management needs to understand that employees are experiencing a ton. It is not just a work as common but as done remotely while managing what may feel like an existential crisis. All through this sudden change, mental investigations offer bits of knowledge on the best way to telecommute, both for first-time remote workers and experienced workers shuffling new requests.

Industrial-Organizational therapists associated with HEBFPE are currently working on guidance conventions on how both managers and workers can work more successfully during this time. A related line of research is also exploring how to maximize the effectiveness in remote work, virtual teams, organizational agility, and related operations in order to prevent disruptions. HEBFPE affiliated psychologists are strategizing evidence-based programs and practices to help organizations and workers thrive.