Offering free counseling services on preventing distress for those working from home.

As the quantity of instances of COVID-19 has increased, so does the related anxiety. For the overall population, the psychological well-being impacts of COVID-19 are as basic to address just like the physical wellbeing impacts. Furthermore, for the one out of five who as of now has emotional wellness conditions – we have to take individual and professional strategies now to address them.

Other than that, those individuals that are remotely working are additionally in danger of creating psychological well-being conditions. HEBFPE has been utilizing its one of a kind database to screen day by day this expansion in anxiety. As per our screening information, we encountered a 19 percent expansion in screening for clinical anxiety and distress in the primary weeks of February and a 12 percent increase in the initial fourteen days of March. Subsequently, HEBFPE is offering free mental health administrations and counseling on preventing distress for those working from home.