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Accreditation Overview

Ensures Befitting Standards of
Education for Psychologists

HEBFPE Accreditation certifies quality of the program on behalf of public interest and public safety. It implicates comprehensively examining education providers and their programs of study against relevant accreditation standards.

Value of

HEBFPE Accreditation is a distinctive valuation system of quality assurance. This means that institutions voluntarily submit application to get their program accredited against the highest established standards.

HEBFPE Accreditation Process

What It Takes To Become HEBFPE-Accredited

To become HEBFE-accredited, programs must go through a rigorous procedure that benefits the commission that each accredited program is meeting the Standards of Accreditation. To get accredited or to maintain your existing HEBFPE accreditation, follow the steps below.


Education provider submits request with the details of its institution along with the information about the courses and programs it offers.

HEBFPE charges the education provider for accreditation valuation fees along with final date of submission.

After payment of fees according to your program, HEBFPE provides site visit date to the education provider.


Our commission members assigned to your region visit the institute on decided date.

After site visit, our commission members drafts accreditation assessment report against rigorous established standards.


HEBFPE Accreditation Assessment Committee reviews draft and amends where required

Assessment Committee forwards final report to education committee

Committee can also refute accreditation to applicant programs if the program does not meet the standards.

Education Provider informs in case of new program, additional title, change of titles, discontinued programs