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Why HEBFPE Accreditation should factor into your decision?

Choosing and pursuing education in the field of psychology embroils a substantial speculation of time and resources; hence, it is essential to ensure that your program is high-quality. Education providers are subject to an accreditation procedure against the Accreditation Standards to guarantee passable standards of education for psychologists and the enduring development of educational excellence. Graduating from a HEBFPE-accredited program:

  • Offers an educational and robust scientific foundation
  • Qualifies you for opportunities that require completion of an accredited program
  • Provides perceptible benefits for forthcoming students
  • Inspires flexibility through research and novelty in the framework and execution of training programs.

Choosing A Program

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Accreditations from the Higher Education Board for Psychology Education (HEBFPE) guarantees eminence, strengthens employer buoyancy in its graduates, augments a program’s repute, and epitomizes peer recognition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Accreditation is a willful procedure, as education providers opt whether and when to apply for accreditation.
At the point when accreditation is denied or renounced by education providers, it implies that the program has been considered conflicting with the Standards of Accreditation in Psychology.

The underlying date of accreditation will be the latest day of the gathering at which the board settles on the last accreditation choice. Those who are in the program on that date and in this manner complete the program are viewed as alumni of a licensed program, gave, obviously, that the program keeps up an authorize status through HEBFPE.

This relies upon your own profession goals and the law in the state(s) in which you resides. On the off chance that you wish to seek after licensure, realize that a few states necessitate that you have a degree from a HEBFPE-certified program. Furthermore, a few organizations of the central government just recruit alumni of HEBFPE-accredited programs.

The board certifies programs; it doesn't give subjective data about "ranking" them. The choice about what program is "ideal" is up to the individual understudy.

Initially, the program of study must be affirmed and accredited by the HEBFPE. The list of accredited and endorsed programs is accessible on our site. Then, you have to get yourself enrolled for the license for being a full time practitioner as per your state’s regulations.