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Seminar on HEBFPE Accredits Doctoral Programs has been postponed to minimize risk of exposure to Corona Pandemic.

HEBFPE Accreditation ensures the
excellence of education on behalf
of public interest and public safety

HEBFPE accredited programs go through a multi-step evaluation procedure, and help your program attain esteemed insights that you can use to deliver the best possible education in psychology for your students.

The universities that are accredited by HEPFPE are globally recognized to provide professional and scientific skills graduates need to protect the welfare of the public.

HEBFPE Accreditation
articulates that your

Prepares graduates by providing evidence-based learning

Encourages best practices in education of psychology


Why Should My Institute Seek HEBFPE Accreditation?

HEBFPE Accreditation ensures quality, enriches a program’s
repute, and represents peer recognition.

Optimize Management Standards at Your Institution

Our accreditation allows your program or institution to reflect quality, as well as ensure that as an education provider, your program is persistently optimizing and keeping up with the best education along with management standards

Help You Embark Global Recognition

HEBFPE provides a distinctive international accreditation that is recognized by departments of education, and universities worldwide as demonstration of the program’s commitment to excellence in education and as a mark of quality assurance.

Encourages You to Get among International Affiliates

We have a vast number of members and affiliates outside the Unite States who come from 100+ different countries around the globe and offer an enriched platform for dialogues regarding events and ideas in the world of psychology.

Prospects for the World University Rankings

HEBFPE accredits the universities and programs against rigorous education standards, hence, the institution get qualified for world university ranking. The ranking is awarded based on distinctive criteria such as student satisfaction, research facilities, and other factors to evaluate programs worldwide